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This article is about a template for notes placed at the top of an article. For a list of in-game hats, see Skins. For the other template used for redirects, see Template:Redirect.


Using {{hatnote}} formats text into the standard stylistic for a wiki hatnote. Hatnotes are short notes placed at the top of an article, usually to provide links to other, similarly-named pages.


When making a disambiguation link, the following format is used:

{{hatnote|This article is about (description of page). For (description of similarly-named page), see [[Article]].}}


This template is primarily used to add a correctly formatted hatnote to a page. Often, but not always, this is a disambiguation link at the top of article pages. It places an HTML div- / div block around the text entered as its only argument, which provides standardized formatting (contents are indented and italicized in most displays); it also isolates the contained code to make sure that it is interpreted correctly.

The template does not automatically create links. Links and other desired formatting must be explicitly added, using normal wiki markup.