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Adding an Infobox to Your Player Page

An Infobox is one of the standard features of any Hearthstone Wiki player page. This template should come before the article text starts, but perhaps after other templates such as Tabs or Stub, and also after a banner that you'd like to add to the top. Following will be the explanation of the code for this template.

Code Explanation

{{Infobox Player

This brings out the template you will be using.

|name=John Smith

Player ID, real name, and link to their picture(upload to Hearthstone Wiki).

|team=The Editors
|sponsors=[www.sponsorswebsite.com Sponsor]

Team name and team or player sponsors. For sponsors, list each individual sponsor with a link to their website.


This is used to list any alternate IDs that the player uses or has used. Separate multiple names with commas.

|country=United States

Put the full name of the country here. This will automatically put the player page into the proper country category(Category:Canadian Players for Canada, Category:United States for American players, etc.)

|birth_date_year= YYYY
|birth_date_month= MM
|birth_date_day= DD
|nicknames= FirsTTrutH

The player's birth date and nicknames. If the nicknames are the same as alternate IDs then this line can be left out.

|site= [www.examplewebsite.com Website]
|stream= [www.streamingsite.com Stream]
|twitter= Twitter Name
|reddit= Reddit Name
|youtube= YouTube Name
|youtube2= YouTube Name
|irc= [http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ExampleChannel/ #ExampleChannel]
|fanpage= www.examplewebsite.com Fansite

List of Player's social networking availability. For the player's IRC channel, if is on quakenet you can link directly to a webchat for their channel by using [http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ExampleChannel/ #ExampleChannel]. Otherwise, list the channel and server. For the fanpage, you only need to put in the url and the template will automatically generate a link.

|teamdate1= MMM YYYY - MMM YYYY
|teamhist1= TeamName

In the "teamdate" blank, list the date the player joined and the date the player left the team. Please use a 3-letter abbreviation for the month and a full four numbers for the year. If the player is still on the team then put an italicized "Present" instead of a leave date. Up to 15 blanks can be added for each teamdate and teamhist.


Ends the use of the template, without this the template will not work.

Copy & Paste Template

NOTE: After you've entered all the information you have, do not add: 0, N/A, TBD etc to empty variable fields, instead it is often times best to just remove the empty ones, unless you know this information will be coming in the future (different social media information, more sponsors, etc.) but then you can just leave the fields blank.

Adapted from Player Liquipedia