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Temple of Anubis
Anubis concept.jpg

Egypt Egypt, Giza Plateau

Temple of Anubis (a.k.a. Anubis facility)[1] is an Assault map in Overwatch.

Official Description[]

Nestled among the ancient ruins of the Giza Plateau on the outskirts of Cairo, the Temple of Anubis is one of many new excavations in the area. While most believe that the site is of interest for archaelogical reasons, it also hides the entrance to a research facility that extends deep beneath the earth. The facility is alleged to house an artificial intelligence, but the whole truth is known only to a select few. Not even the agents of Helix Security International who guard the facility know what they're protecting.[2]


Mission Statement[]

The Anubis facility was taken over by HSI a few years ago. However, it didn't upgrade its security. This allowed the Anubis AI to break containment, taking control of the site's sentry bots. An engineering team was sent in to regain control of the command center, but contact was lost. HSI subsequently sent in a Raptora team led by Captain Khalil. Despite taking casualties, the team was able to shut Anubis down.[3]


Talon attacked the Anubis facility, engaging in a firefight with the HSI forces stationed there. Innocents got caught in the crossfire.[1]


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At capture point A, after you pass the first chokepoint, you can turn right to a staircase. This leads you to a balcony above the point. There is also a left side path through a room attached to the left side of the choke. This leads to the bridge, directly in front of the point. At capture point B, there are two side paths (and one sub-side path). The first one is on the right, and meets the main path just before the objective. There is a short wall at the turn of the path, and certain heroes can cross it with their abilities, making for a good flank. The second one is to the left, and leads to a fork. The left path of the fork leads to a cave, which, although leading directly towards one of the defenders' spawn exits, also leads right to the objective. The right path goes under a bridge, and leads to what seems like a small archeological site, with staircases leading close to the objective.


At control point A, you can go to the short ledge as Bastion and be a turret there because that is the only way in. On control point B, you can sit on the objective and wait for enemies.


  • The Temple of Anubis was the first map developed for Overwatch.[4] Initially it was simply labelled as Cairo, but the artwork was reutilized for the temple itself.[5]
  • During development, the first iteration of the map featured a harbor in the area right outside the sandcrawler.[6]


360° Panorama[]


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