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Note: The title of this article is based on conjecture.

"I'm just an honest businessman. My kindness, my social sensibilities...and my boundless humility...make me a target."
"The Suit"

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Hyde Global

"The Suit" was a member of Hyde Global.


The man operated out of the Hyde Global building in Sydney. At some point after the disbandment of Overwatch, the company had seen a fall in revenue—enough to give its stockholders concern. To get some money, the Suit enacted a scheme where an HG factory in downtown Sydney would be destroyed, so that the insurance payout would inject some money into HG's finances. To this end, he hired the criminal duo of Junkrat and Roadhog, claiming that the factory had been seized by omnic terrorists, and that the workers were being held hostage. He gave them an up-front payment, telling them that he knew that they could do the job "quietly," and that a second payment would be doled out upon completion of the assignment.

The plan worked to the extent in that the factory was indeed destroyed. What he hadn't counted on was the duo stringing him up by a crane, having caught on to his scheme. He was left to die in the explosion that Junkrat set, killing him, and bringing the Hyde Global building crashing down.[1]