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Tips are offered to players at various times during play.

Loading screen tips[edit | edit source]

These tips are displayed while the chosen map is loading.

  • Tank heroes excel at taking and holding map objectives, as well as disrupting the enemy team.[1]
  • Use the side passages and objects in the map to conceal your location and movement from the enemy.[1]
  • When low on health, disengage and use the health packs located around the map.[1]
  • Offense heroes are flexible and mobile threats, capable of engaging enemies in any situation.[1]
  • Team composition matters! A well rounded team increases your chance of winning.[1]

In-game tips[edit | edit source]

These tips appear after dying during a match, and appear to be tailored to the circumstances of the player's death.

  • Try to keep a height advantage over Junkrat, he's much less effective if he has to aim up.[1]
  • Enemy barriers can block the shots from Deadeye. [McCree][1]
  • Sometimes it is better to aim at the ground under your target than to attempt a direct hit.[1]
  • Keep moving while McCree is around, or you'll be an easy target for his Peacekeeper.[1]
  • Don't pass up good opportunities to use Barrage while waiting for the "perfect" one. [Pharah][1]
  • While Molten Core is active, you do not spend scrap to upgrade Turrets or deploy armor packs. [Torbjörn][1]
  • Reaper is most effective at very close range. Keep him at a distance.[1]
  • When you are charged with high energy, play aggressively with your now highly damaging particle cannon. [Zarya][1]

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