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A Titan

The Titan is a type of bi-pedal omnic.


Titans were first conceived by the Ironclad Guild prior to the Omnic Crisis, with Torbjörn Lindholm playing a large role in their conception. The idea was to create a walker that would aid in the construction of high-rises. During the Omnic Crisis, the Titan design was pilfered by the omnics and retrofitted into a weapon of war. These units possessed infrared sensors and an abundance of heavy firepower, and were proficient in spotting and eliminating targets and laying waste to entire cities. The omnics also installed an internal drone defense system. The Titan itself is controlled from a cockpit.

A Titan was piloted by Sven decades after the Omnic Crisis when he unleashed it on the city of Boklovo, shrugging off anything the Kurjikstani military threw at it. While Torbjörn was eventually able to deactivate the walker, it wasn't before a large portion of the city was destroyed.[1]

A Titan was utilized by Null Sector in its attack on Paris. The walker was equipped with two left wrist-mounted triple barreled grenade launchers, arm mounted energy cannon, an energy weapon located in its chest, and two shoulder-mounted cluster missile batteries. The Titan was eventually destroyed by Overwatch after a protracted battle.[2]


  • The Titans were a group of beings in Greek mythology.
  • A Lego Null Sector Titan set was scheduled to be released in February 2022. However, the release went under reconsideration due to continuing allegations regarding workplace culture at Activision-Blizzard.[3]



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