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| ability_image = Ability-torbjorn4.png
| ability_image = Ability-torbjorn4.png
| official_description = Torbjörn deploys an armor upgrade; either he or his allies can pick it up to absorb some damage.
| official_description = Torbjörn deploys an armor upgrade; either he or his allies can pick it up to absorb some damage.
| wiki_description = Torbjörn uses scrap to throw an armor pack in front of him that can be picked up by himself or allied heroes. <br>
| wiki_description = Torbjörn uses scrap to throw an armor pack in front of him that can be picked up by himself or allied heroes, granting them a flat amount of armor.<br>
The bonus armor will be reduced on hit by the amount of damage taken.
| ability_type = Ability
| ability_type = Ability
| health = +75 armor
| health = +75 armor

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"Build 'em up, Break 'em down."

Real Name
Torbjörn Lindholm
Weapons designer
Gothenburg, Sweden
Ironclad Guild (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Eight children
Keith Silverstein (English)

José Luccioni (French)
Mario Scarabelli (Italian)
Binbin Takaoka (Japanese)
Mauricio Berger (Brazilian Portuguese)
Arturo Mercado (American Spanish)
Carlos Ysbert (European Spanish)

Quotation page
Character Video

Torbjörn is a Defense hero in Overwatch.


One of the world's greatest engineers, Torbjörn can swiftly construct and upgrade turrets, producing powerful units capable of defending areas against attackers.

Official tips

  • Torbjörn can build a deadly turret to help him dominate an area.
  • Use scrap to create armor packs for allies.
  • Molten Core clads him in armor and powers him and his turret up. Use it wisely.


Scrap Collector
Passive Ability
Collect scrap to gain resources.
200 scrap
1 scrap every 0.5 seconds
Gains 15 scrap from fallen heroes.
  • Torbjorn can obtain scrap from allies' or his own death.

Rivet Gun
Key mouse 1.png
Weapon (Primary Fire)
Aim Type
Arcing projectile
Torbjörn fires rivets at long range.
70 per shot
Projectile speed:
57 meters per second
Rate of fire:
0.6 seconds per round, or 1.67 rounds per second
Reload time:
2 seconds
  • It is automatically reloaded if Torbjörn has his Forge Hammer equipped for about 2.1 seconds.
Example Video

Rivet Gun
Key mouse 2.png
Weapon (Secondary Fire)
Aim Type
Shotgun projectile
Torbjörn ejects molten metal from his gun in a short, close-range burst.
6 - 15 per pellet
Falloff range:
7 to 20 meters
Projectile speed:
80 meters per second
Num. of pellets:
10 per shot
Rate of fire:
0.8 seconds per round, or 1.25 rounds per second
Ammo usage:
3 per shot
Reload time:
2 seconds
  • It is automatically reloaded if Torbjörn has his Forge Hammer equipped for about 2.1 seconds.
Example Video

Forge Hammer
Key mouse 1.png
Aim Type
Torbjörn uses his multipurpose hammer to build, upgrade and repair turrets. In a pinch, it can also be swung as a weapon.
50 per hit (turret only)
Rate of fire:
1.25 swings per second
Example Video

Build Turret
8 seconds
Aim Type
Hitscan (basic fire)
Linear Projectile (rockets)
Torbjörn constructs an enemy-tracking autocannon. He can use his Forge Hammer to repair or upgrade it, increasing its health and adding a second cannon barrel.
150/300/800 health
14 per round, 14 per rocket
Max. range:
40/40/40 meters
Rate of fire:
2/4/5 rounds per second
0/0/4 rockets per second
Until destroyed
8 seconds
  • The turret automatically fires at nearby enemies, filling Torbjörn's Ultimate as it does so.
  • The turret has three upgrade levels:
    • Level 1 turrets have 150 health and one gun barrel.
    • Level 2 turrets have 300 health and two gun barrels.
    • Level 3 turrets have 800 health, two gun barrels and a rocket launcher. This upgrade is only active during Molten Core.

Elaboration on the above:

  • Max level of turret: 2
  • Upgrading the turret
    • Equipping your hammer and smacking the turret upgrades it slowly
    • Takes 5 hits to upgrade to level 2
    • The turret's HP must be full in order to upgrade it. If an enemy damages your turret, you will have to repair first in order to upgrade.

Molten Core (Torbjorn's Ultimate):

  • New max level of turret:
  • Upgrading the turret
    • Equipping your hammer and smacking the turret upgrades it
    • Takes 5 hits to upgrade to level 2
    • Upon hitting level 2, the turret automatically upgrades to level 3 so long as Molten Core is still active.

If a turret already exists and is level 2, it will automatically upgrade to level 3 when Molten Core is activated.

  • When Molten Core expires, the turret will automatically revert back to level 2.
  • If you place a turret in Molten Core mode, it will start at level 1, but will take significantly less time to upgrade to level 2, as Molten Core also speeds up your hammer attack speed so you can upgrade faster. When it hits level 2 it will automatically upgrade to level 3.
Example Video

Armor Pack
Torbjörn deploys an armor upgrade; either he or his allies can pick it up to absorb some damage.
+75 armor
Projectile speed:
12 meters per second
200 scrap
Ammo usage:
50 scrap
  • A player can only pick up another armor pack once they have taken damage (excluding any shield damage) since picking up their last pack, which will reset their total bonus armor to 75. When another player picks up a pack, the user and Torbjörn both receive an on-screen notification.
  • Torbjörn can have a maximum of 10 armor packs laying around on the map at any one time. Crafting more armor packs than that will make the oldest one despawn.
Example Video

Molten Core
1625 points
Ultimate Ability
After overheating his personal forge, Torbjörn gains a significant amount of armor and scrap. He also attacks (and builds and repairs turrets) far faster than normal.
+300 armor
Rate of fire:
12 seconds
Ultimate cost:
1625 points
  • The ability name is a reference to a raid in one of Blizzard's other games, "World of Warcraft".
Example Video

Console Differences

Built Turret:

  • Damage: 10 per round, 10 per rocket


Summarize this hero here; Overall Strength and Weakness.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Scrap Collector (Passive): Torbjörn's passive ability. (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need some edit)
    • (This article is stub and need some edit)
  • Rivet Gun: Torbjörn's primary weapon. (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need some edit)
    • (This article is stub and need some edit)
  • Forge Hammer: (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
  • Build Turret: (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
  • Armor Pack: (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
  • Molten Core (Ultimate): Torbjörn's Ultimate ability. (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)
    • (This article is stub and need more detail)

General strategies

  • Players are advised to know the map well, in order to deploy his gear the most effectively.[1]
  • Torbjörn is most commonly used on Defense because of his ability to cover choke-points so effectively. One option on Attack is to deploy your turrets on top of a payload, effectively creating a mobile turret.
  • While many players focus on Torbjörn's turret, it should be noted that Torbjörn himself deals a considerable amount of damage - his shotgun alt-fire does massive damage at close range, and his ordinary fire has solid range and does a not-inconsiderable amount of damage, especially with a headshot. It is important to make full use of both Torbjörn himself as well as his turret; focusing too much on using your turret will result in a lesser contribution to the team.
  • Scrap is not always easy to come by. As such, give armor packs to allies with the lowest maximum health first, as they will obtain the most relative benefit compared to tank classes. If only resilient allies are present, consider giving the armor pack to yourself instead.
  • When using Molten Core, the tank stats and the attack speed make you a formidable opponent, capable of easily killing low-health heroes and posing danger even towards Tanks. Therefore, when using the ultimate, don't be afraid to go to the front lines and start shooting. Ideally, you should try to use it when both you and your turret are engaged in combat. However, don't be afraid to ult just to upgrade your turret when you are not around or when you need the survivability and attack speed. Be wary that there is a slight delay when you use Molten Core before the turret upgrades. In a pinch, the ultimate can also be used to quickly upgrade a turret to level 2 and subsequently 3, though this is less than ideal.

Hero Match-ups

Offense Heroes

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Genji.png: At a distance, Genji can heckle your Turret with his Shurikens, which suffer no damage falloff. However this damage is minor enough that you can keep hammering your Turret without worrying about its destruction. While Genji can grab the attention of the Turret and reflect its damage back at it, he cannot reflect enough of its own fire to destroy it. If he's not reflecting, Genji is easy enough for your Turret to take out if he's not careful. In a direct fight, Genji has the upper hand, so try to keep your Turret up before he gets the chance to close the distance. If he does approach your without a Turret up, it's a good idea to throw down a Level 1 Turret; even with your Turret at its weakest, the Genji will have difficulty killing you while taking gradual damage from the Turret.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-McCree.png: At a distance, McCree has an advantage as he can peek out of a corner, shoot a powerful revolver shot, then hide once more. If his focus isn't on you, though, his light health means your Turret can kill him quickly enough. His Flashbang does affect your Turret, so be extra wary about being caught by surprise by McCree. If you're caught in the Flashbang as well, the McCree will have to pick who to kill with Fan the Hammer, since one clip most likely can't take out both of you. He'll most likely go after you first due to the turret's immobility. If you hear Deadeye activating, rather than continuing to repair your Turret, it's best to run for cover to make sure you both aren't shot down.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Pharah.png: Pharah can very easily deal with your Turret, dealing max damage direct hits onto it as much as she likes. However, in a defensive setup your Turret serves as an excellent area denial that is a great nuisance to Pharah. Set up your turret where it can cover the most airspace, and be careful when she ducks behind cover to engage the Turret. This can be especially helpful if you're protected by a Reinhardt's shield; he can soak up Pharah's negligible damage, and your Turret can shoot her down and keep her out of the air.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Reaper.png: Reaper does have the damage to tear through the Turret and Torbjörn very easily, but this is limited to his range. If he's roaming around in the open, your Turret can fire away and he can do nothing about it. However, he takes longer to kill than other Offense heroes, and can Shadow Step to the turret, taking it down with ease at point blank. If he approaches your Turret this way, alert your team for help, and if no one's available, attack the Reaper with your Rivet Gun rather than trying to repair it, since the two of you firing together can kill him quicker than he can kill your Turret.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Soldier 76.png: Soldier: 76 has a decent attacking range and can dispose of the Turret fairly easily, with his Helix Rockets serving as a great first attack. His Biotic Field allows himself and his team to tank a lot more damage from the turret as they fire on it. However, if he's used up his Helix Rockets, he's much more vulnerable to your Turret at a range as your damage will outpace his. Place your Turret in an area where he can only attack from a distance and can't sneak up around the corner on it, and you should be alright.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Sombra.png: Sombra can easily shut down your Turret using Hack or unload her sub-machine gun into it. In order to successfully hack, Sombra must not take any damage from the Turret, which can be difficult if her team isn't nearby providing the Turret with another target. If Sombra is attempting to attack you alone, she won't be able to properly hack your Turret, and you should be able to handle her just fine. Be wary of EMP though, as it will temporarily shut your Turret down.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Strong.png VS.Icon-Tracer.png: Tracer is perhaps the most affected by the turret out of all the offense heroes. While her Pulse Bomb is designed to annihilate static defenses like the Turret, her tiny health pool means that she will take a lot of damage getting to it, and that's assuming Torbjörn's team doesn't notice her, which is highly unlikely. If Tracer is heckling you and your Turret, keep repairing it as long as you can; you can't handle Tracer that well on your own, but if you can keep your Turret alive long enough, its tracking fire can take her down before she can destroy it.

Defense Heroes

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Bastion.png: If you have a Turret already set up, it can deal minor damage to Bastion if it's walking past its view. However, if an enemy Bastion is receiving Turret fire, it can either turn a corner and heal or, if no other enemies are around, transform into Sentry Mode and mow down your Turret with its superior firepower. This can be especially troublesome if you're defending an Escort mission, since the Bastion can simply ride atop the payload and fire away. In situations where an enemy Bastion is already set up in position, it can be difficult to place a Turret without the Bastion noticing it and shredding it while it's still Level 1. All in all, Bastion is essentially a Level 3 Turret that can aim its shots, making it outclass your Turret in almost all instances.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Hanzo.png: Hanzo's Sonic Arrow doesn't affect buildings, and as such he cannot warn his teammates of the exact location of the turret. However, it can still mark Torbjörn, and if you're babysitting your Turret, it will be easy enough for the enemy team to intuit its position as well. With his extreme range and potent Scatter Arrows, Hanzo can easily peek his head around corners and fire potshots at your Turret to take it out without letting it retaliate.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Junkrat.png: Junkrat's specialty is firing powerful shots with low accuracy. However, against a stationary target like your Turret, his low accuracy is a non-issue, making him one of your greatest foes. He can either lob grenades in a large arc from a distance or pop them around corners to make quick work of not only our Turret, but you as well if you're caught in the blast. If you're being harassed by a Junkrat's explosives, let your team know; if they can't deal with him, be ready to abandon your Turret if necessary.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Mei.png: Mei can wall off the Turret and her Endothermic Blaster is capable of freezing it like an enemy player. Her icicle can also be used to destroy your Turret from further range while it attacks other targets. But her options are limited, and often times blocking off the turret just creates a stalemate where neither side can attack one another. If Mei tries fighting you and your Turret at close range, space yourself from it so you don't both get frozen and attack with your Rivet Gun. Mei specializes in ambush tactics and one-on-one fights; she can't handle two opponents at once, even if they're just you and your own Turret.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Torbjörn.png: Torbjörn match-ups are rare since both will usually be decently far behind enemy lines in a stable defensive position. It's difficult to set up a Turret in an area that another Torbjörn has locked down, since the previous Torbjörn's Turret will begin firing upon the new Turret as soon as it goes up. In situations where both Torbjörns have Level 2 Turrets suddenly appear in range of one another (such as a Payload carrying a Turret turning a corner to another Torbjörn's defensive setup), focus on keeping your Turret alive and let your team try to take out the opposing Turret. If you see a Torbjörn walking around with no Turret, try to attack with your Rivet Gun alongside your Turret's fire to quickly eliminate him before he can set up a new Turret (or fall back on one he has up elsewhere).

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Widowmaker.png: Widowmaker can stand far out of the reach of your Turret and easily land full-charged shots. Even without the ability to perform headshots on your Turret, she has much greater range than it does and much greater firepower. Her Grappling Hook not only lets her reach optimal positions to snipe your Turret, but also to take you out as well. Be wary and try not to place your Turret in locations where a Widowmaker can easily snipe it, unless you're being protected by a friendly Reinhardt's shield.

Tank Heroes

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-D.Va.png: Thanks to D.Va's armor and Defense Matrix, she can not only endure a great amount of Turret fire, she can also fly right up to it without taking any damage and gun it down point blank. If D.Va is attacking your Turret from far away, you can continue repairing it since she suffers major damage falloff, but if she's attacking at close range, don't bother; her damage output vastly supersedes your ability to repair your Turret. Either activate Molten Core in a last-ditch effort to save your Turret or, if that's unavailable, begin attacking with your alt-fire; this will either deal major damage to her, or cause her to put up Defense Matrix, giving your Turret a few extra seconds of life and providing time for your team to come assist you. Direct combat is mostly even, helped if you can throw yourself Armor Packs to stay alive longer, but overall D.Va is one of your greatest headaches to deal with.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Orisa.png: (Incoming Soon)

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Reinhardt.png: Reinhardt's shield can block your Turret's damage as well as your Rivet Gun with ease. His Fire Strike will deal 100 damage to your Turret, even if it's being defended by a a friendly Reinhardt. If Reinhardt is blocking your shots, so long as the enemy team isn't attacking your Turret, provide supporting fire with your Rivet Gun against his shield; with luck, you'll break the shield, leaving him vulnerable for both you and your team.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Roadhog.png: Roadhog can take a lot of your Turret's firepower and still survive, but his Scrap Gun can't deal much damage to it from a distance and his hook cannot grab it. He'll most likely try to get behind your defenses to hook you away from the Turret and kill you so the Turret is easy pickings for him and his team. However, if you manage to keep your distance, him soaking up damage can rapidly fill your Ultimate ability, which will deal significantly more damage to Roadhog. Armor Pack is a useful tool against his Scrap Gun; since it deals independent damage, allowing the armored hero to survive from his shotgun.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Winston.png: Winston can block all firepower coming from you and your Turret with his Barrier Projector. With a Barrier up at close range, Winston can zap the turret and destroy it with relative ease, along with getting you in the wide cone of fire from his Tesla Cannon. However, your Rivet Gun's alt-fire is exceptionally powerful at Winston's close range, letting you deal significant amounts of damage if all your shots hit, and at long range you can pelt him with standard fire at a distance his Tesla Cannon can't reach. Winston's damage output is significantly lower than yours at any range; if he tries to harass you and your Turret, fight back with your Rivet Gun and you may be able to fend him off or take him down.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Zarya.png: Zarya can gather cheap energy from your Turret's automated fire, while boasting enough health to absorb its attacks without the aid of a barrier. Her Projected Barrier can greatly aid another teammate looking to destroy the Turret too. Outside of this, though, she has little to counter your Turret other than attacking it point-blank, and may need assistance from a teammate should she struggle.

Support Heroes

Icon-Torbjörn.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Ana.png: Of all enemy Support heroes, Ana has the best chance of taking you down. She has superior range and can deal high damage to your Turret overtime, even while it is under your care. Her Sleep Dart, while difficult to aim, can put you out of commission during Molten Core, so be wary when attempting to go on a rampage.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Strong.png VS. Icon-Lúcio.png: Lúcio's strongest asset is his unpredictable movement, which is no problem at all to your Turret. If he gets within its range, his only option is to flee, since he has no chance to defeat it at any range. If he and his team make a strong push with a Sound Wave, you may prove to have difficulty piercing his enhanced health, but in most circumstances you should be able to deal with him easily.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Mercy.png: Mercy can damage boost allies attacking your Turret, and she can keep her patient healed to withstand its low damage output. In an emergency situation if she's alone she may attempt to directly attack you and your Turret using her Caduceus Blaster, but this would result in her taking significant damage in the process. If she's alone, your Turret can deal with her pretty easily even if she uses Guardian Angel to hover between dead comrades, but more often than not she'll be hiding behind her team, where it's too dangerous for you to venture out to.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Symmetra.png: Symmetra can fire full-charge orbs from her Photon Projector's secondary fire, which will deal significant damage to your Turret, Between volleys, however, you can quickly repair any damage dealt. Her Photon Barrier can be used to close the gap between the two of you, but she can still have difficulty attacking your Turret. Without Photon Barrier, Symmetra has no real counter to the Turret other than getting close enough to attack it with primary fire. If you fight Symmetra alongside your Turret, you can usually eliminate her before she destroys your Turret. However, if your Turret is near destruction and she has ample health, quickly flee, since she can transfer her high charge to you and swiftly gun you down. An active Shield Generator can provide her and her teammates more health to withstand your Turret's fire.

Icon-Torbjörn.png Fair.png VS.Icon-Zenyatta.png: While Zenyatta cannot place an Orb of Discord on your Turret, he can place it on you, which can greatly assist his team in destroying your setup. While alone, Zenyatta can charge up Orb Volleys to deal quick burst damage to your Turret; however, like Symmetra's secondary fire, you should be able to repair your Turret between volleys. If Zenyatta attempts to fire standard orbs at your Turret, he'll be leaving himself exposed and will most likely be shot down by the Turret before he can eliminate it.


"Build 'em Up, Break 'em Down."

Torbjörn Lindholm (called "Torby" by his friends)[2] is one of the greatest weaponsmiths and engineers in the world.[3] He has a low opinion of omnics, believing them to be incapable of empathy, instead acting purely on logic,[2] and disagrees with giving them the same rights as humans.[4]


Before the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn had gained notoriety for designing weapons systems used by countries around the world. However, his belief that technology must serve a better vision for humanity put him at odds with his employers, who desired to control his weapons using networked computer intelligence.[5] At some point he worked with the Ironclad Guild, where he worked in R&D.

Torbjörn during the Omnic Crisis

Torbjörn had a deep mistrust of sentient robotic intelligence, and while many of his peers wrote this off as paranoia, his worst fears were realized when the robot populations of the world turned against their human creators during the Omnic Crisis. Because of his engineering genius, he was recruited to join the original Overwatch strike team, and his many inventions proved integral to ending the conflict.[5]

Post-Omnic Crisis

Torbjörn in a viking costume with Mercy on Halloween

In the years that followed, Overwatch became an international peacekeeping force, and Torbjörn remained a critical resource for all of its technological needs and signature weapons systems. At its height, Overwatch possessed one of the most advanced armaments on the planet, which could be traced to Torbjörn's work.[5] This included the development of biotic technology, including the biotic rifle, which was intended to heal Overwatch medics in the field. This device led to some disagreement with Angela Ziegler, who warned that the rifle was setting Overwatch on a dangerous path to weaponizing biotic technology.[6]

During his Overwatch years, he once dressed as a viking for Halloween.[7]

In the aftermath of Overwatch's fall, many of Torbjörn's weapons were stolen or stashed away around the world. Feeling responsible for his creations, Torbjörn was determined to stop them from falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on the innocent.[5]


What I've done, old friend... is topple the destroyer of worlds.
~ Torbjörn to Sven

Torbjörn deals with the Titan's internal security

Torbjörn received word that a single omnic had attacked the city of Boklovo. He thought little of it at the time, but when he arrived the following day, he saw that it was nothing to scoff at. The omnic was a Titan; one that was rampaging through the city, and shrugging off everything the Kurjikstani military threw at it. He was bitterly reminded that the Titan was a device he had originally designed to aid in city construction, before it had been hijacked by the omnics during the Omnic Crisis and turned into a city-destroyer. But despite the alterations, it was still his design, and that allowed him to bypass its infrared detection systems and gain access to the walker's interior. Once inside, it was revealed that Sven, an old friend of his, was piloting the mech. The two verbally sparred as Torbjörn fought his way up to the walker's cockpit. Sven presented himself as some kind of arbiter of justice, but Torbjorn claimed that he was nothing but a war profiteer. Upon reaching the cockpit, he easily incapacitated him. He subsequently shut down the mech.[2]


When Winston issued a recall of Overwatch agents, Torbjörn was in northwestern Russia.[8]


Name Icon Description Reward

Armor Up!

Ability-torbjorn4.png Have one of Torbjörn's Armor Packs on 5 allies at the same time in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Torbjörn Pixel.png


Raid Wipe
Ability-torbjorn5.png Kill 4 enemies during a single use of Torbjörn's Molten Core in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Torbjörn Cute.png



See Torbjörn/Cosmetics


Concept art

Torbjörn's family at Christmas.

  • "Torbjörn" is a modern Swedish, Norwegian and Danish form of the Old Norse name Þórbjörn, meaning "thunder" (from the name Thor) and "bear". Similarly, Lindholm is a Swedish surname meaning "Tiny Linden Island". Torbjörn is also the name of a model of chair in the Swedish shop IKEA.
  • Torbjörn bears resemblance to dwarves as they're usually portrayed in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft universe, in terms of appearance and mechanical proficiency. Other similarities include Rory Swann from StarCraft (appearance, abilities, mechanical proficiency) and the Lost Vikings in their cybernetic forms. His Viking costume in Junkenstein specifically harkens to the character of Baleog.
  • The achievement "Raid Wipe" that involves eliminating 4 players with the Molten Core ultimate could be a reference to the Molten Core zone beneath the Blackrock Mountains, where a 40-man raid instance exists that involves defeating Ragnaros, a firelord elemental that rules the Molten Core zone. The term "Wipe" involves a party or group being obliterated entirely, which is, though rare, used in terms of Player vs Player combat in the game of World of Warcraft. Given that Ragnaros is a highly powerful fire elemental and the raid involves a 40-man setup, the achievement bears many similarities with the game, effectively describing the scenario of the failure of the said raid. Ragnaros also rules over the Dark Iron Dwarves in this area.
  • Torbjörn was the first character modeled for the game.[10] He was implemented before Junkrat, where it was anticipated that Junkrat's grenade launcher would be a natural counter for Torbjörn's turrets.[11]
  • Torbjörn's abilities and turret bear a resemblance to the Engineer from Valve's Team Fortress 2, with both of them revolving around building turrets and hitting them with their melee weapon to upgrade and repair them. Both their turrets gain double firing speed at level 2 and rockets at level 3.
  • In the comic Reflections, Torbjörn is sharing a loving moment with a woman who is possibly his wife. Reinhardt is in the back with Brigitte reading a story to a group of children, with Blizzard confirming that these are Torbjörn's children. Judging from the picture, this indicates that Torbjörn has at least eight children.





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