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Tracer: Reflections
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Michael Chu
Miki Montlló
Blizzard Entertainment
Release date
December 20, 2016
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Winston's Journey to the West
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Tracer: Reflections is the tenth Overwatch comic. It was collected in Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1.[1]


In "Reflections," the holidays have arrived at Overwatch, and everybody is heading home to spend time with the ones closest to them. Meanwhile, a massive snowstorm has turned King's Row into a winter wonderland, catching Tracer in the middle of an important mission, while at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Winston contemplates the past year and the one to come.[2]

Featured Characters[]


  • This is the first Overwatch comic to feature in some way all the heroes that were playable in the game at the time of publication.
  • The comic was the first to show any of the playable characters being in a current romantic relationship, notably Tracer with her girlfriend Emily, and Torbjörn with Ingrid.
    • Also, the comic confirmed Tracer being a lesbian, making her the first LGBT character in the playable cast.
  • The comic was banned in Russia owing to its lesbian kiss, which violated Russian federal law.[3]
  • In response to a question about the children being read stories to by Reinhardt, the official Overwatch Twitter account stated that they are Torbjörn's.[4] Michael Chu has since clarified that most of the children are actually Torbjörn's grandchildren.[5]


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