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Trung Le Nguyen

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Senior analyst
Rome, Italy
For the scientist, see Nguyen.

Trung Le Nguyen is a senior analyst in Talon.


Nguyen is a thin man who speaks in a cold, clinical manner. He reguarly debriefs Talon agents. Nguyen rarely takes to the field himself, though is a decent hand-to-hand combatant, and a crack shot with his sidearm.[1]

Monte Cristi and Aftermath[]

Nguyen took part in a Talon operation at Monte Cristi; an operation that resulted in numerous civilian casualties and medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin going AWOL in the aftermath.[1] A strike team under Captain Cuerva was assigned to apprehend him in Port-de-Paix. They failed, and Nguyen reported to Commander F. McManaway about a log recovered from the missing strike team.[2]

What You Left Behind[]

It's unusual to see you in the field.
Sometimes you have to take cares of business yourself.
~ Bapsite and Nguyen

Nguyen and Mauga meet with Baptiste

Four years after Baptiste's abandonment of Talon, Nguyen came with Mauga to Port-de-Paix to bring Vernand Sainclair in line. Aware that Baptiste was in Haiti, Mauga insisted that they use Baptiste as part of their operation. Nguyen was skeptical, wanting someone more reliable, but Mauga insisted, and Nguyen relented. The two came to Lefort's and met Baptiste there. Baptiste initially refused, but Nguyen coldly reminded him that he didn't have a choice. After Baptiste relented, Nguyen passed him an envelope, containing the details of the mission. He told Baptiste to read it once he'd reached a safe location, and then burn it afterwards.

The following morning, Nguyen and Mauga met Baptiste outside Sainclair's mansion. He informed them that he'd scheduled an appointment with Sainclair, so all they had to do was walk in, get the money he owed Talon, then walk out. However, a hitch in the plan occurred when Nguyen led the trio into the library and found not Sainclair, but his private security waiting for them. Realizing the trap, Nguyen shot first, and the trio prevailed in the resulting gunfight. Unfazed in the hitch, Nguyen calmly said that they would have to fight their way up to Sainclair's office.

Baptiste and Mauga took point, and soon, they confronted Sainclair himself, who protested that he was loyal to Talon. Nguyen, pointing out that Sainclair had set his security on them, asked why he shouldn't kill the man here and now. Sainclair claimed that he had information, and Nguyen gave him the chance to present it. That information was an Overwatch recall order sent by Winston; one that he had received three days ago, having once been part of Overwatch himself. Nguyen was unimpressed—as former Overwatch agents were already part of Talon, the organization had received this information already. Ergo, there was no reason to leave him alive. Mauga suggested that Baptiste deliver the coup de grace, and Nguyen didn't object. However, instead of shooting Sainclair, Baptiste detonated a flashbang that temporarily incapacitated Nguyen and Mauga, allowing him to escape with Sainclair. Nguyen opened fire, but only managed to graze Baptiste as he fled the mansion.[1]



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