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Turing Green SWO[1] was a planned development in London, intended to be a new home for the city's omnics. It was intended to be the first step in improving human-omnic relations. Mayor Nandah[2], Tekhartha Mondatta and at least two other Shambali monks attended the groundbreaking ceremony. However, the plans for the site were thrown away by Null Sector, which sparked an uprising within the city. The resulting chaos apparently destroyed the site and/or prevented its development.[3]


  • The site may be named in reference to Alan Turing and/or the Turing test.
  • The postcode SW0 suggests that Turing Green was to be built in southwest London. However, SW0 is not a valid real London postal district because the ones for the southwest region start with SW1A (which covers Whitehall and Buckingham Palace).


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