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The Ultimate Meter

The Ultimate Meter is a user interface element which displays the percentage of Ultimate ability progress the player has achieved. It is found at the bottom centre of the in-game display.


  • The Ultimate Meter starts at 0%.
  • Dealing damage to heroes fills the Ultimate Meter.
  • Healing yourself or other players will also fill the Meter.
  • The Ultimate Meter will also slowly fill over time, without any interactions.
  • The Ultimate Meter will not fill during Setup time.
  • A hero cannot gain Ultimate charge while their Ultimate is active.
    • Exceptions: Ashe, Hanzo, Torbjörn, Tracer, Wrecking Ball. In addition:
      • Brigitte cannot gain Ultimate charge for Rally until the duration ends, but can then gain Ultimate charge while the armor granted by Rally persists.
      • Echo can gain Ultimate charge while Duplicate is active, but only for the Ultimate of her duplicated target, but not for Duplicate.
  • Once 100% is reached, the player is granted access to their Ultimate ability.
  • Once the Ultimate is used, the Ultimate Meter will be reset to 0%.
  • Switching hero will reset the Ultimate Meter to 0%, but deaths will not.
  • D.Va's Call Mech has a number of mechanics unique to it:
  • At 0-99%, the Ultimate Meter displays the percentage of Ultimate ability progress the player has achieved. Once 100% is reached, the Ultimate Meter transforms into the hero's Ultimate ability icon.
  • By communicating Ultimate Status, the hero will announce to their team the current charge of their Ultimate, with different text and voice lines depending on how much charge the Ultimate currently has:
    • Between 0% and 89%: "My Ultimate is charging!"
    • Between 90% and 99%: "My Ultimate is almost ready!"
    • At 100%: "My Ultimate is ready!"
  • If a player is in the middle of casting their ultimate ability, but is interrupted by a stunning ability (examples of this are Brigitte's Shield Bash or McCree's Flashbang), their ultimate meter will still be reset to 0, regardless of whether or not the ultimates' effects are actually used.