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Welcome to...the Underworld.
Built by omnics from scratch.
~ Iggy and Tracer

The Underworld

The Underworld is an omnic city located in London, located beneath the surface of King's Row.[1] It was built from scraps. Currently, most of London's omnic population lives in the Underworld, as it's safer for most of them. However, the omnics there have to steal pieces of technology to survive, as many vendors refuse to sell their required technology to omnics within London. However, in the period after Overwatch was disbanded, the Underworld's grid was failing.[2]

Currently, some people want to take out the omnics of King's Row with an EMP device. The device was attempted to be transported into the Underworld for detonation.[1]

Known Inhabitants


The Underworld appears in the King's Row game map. It represents the last stage of the escort attempt by the attacking side.