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If you ask me, the Brits have their heads on straight! Omnic rights? Pah!
~ Torbjörn
United Kingdom
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Western Europe

The United Kingdom, commonly known as the UK or Great Britain, is a country in north-west Europe.

The capital and largest city of the United Kingdom is London.


It's rediculous that seven years ago humans and omnics were working together to build a home...now every article I read is like state propaganda, posing omnics as the enemy.
~ Emily

Omnics are treated as second-class citizens in the U.K.

Much of modern Britain was built on the backs of omnic laborers. However, they are denied the basic rights that humans have. King's Row, London, has become a fulcrum of omnic agitation, along with their human sympathizers.[1] Omnics have (or had) to undergo mandatory registration,[2] and are effectively a labor caste within the country.[3]

Human-omnic tensions culminated in the King's Row Uprising, in which a pro-omnic terrorist group known as "Null Sector" staged an uprising in King's Row and took Mayor Nandah, Mondatta and hundreds' of others as prisoners. The British government explicitly forbade Overwatch from intervening despite thousands in London requiring medical aid, resulting in Commander Jack Morrison dispatching four Overwatch agents—Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn—to put an end to the crisis.[4] The Uprising poisoned the well of human-omnic relations in the country. The country's media focused on omnic crime, treating even petty theft as being possible preludes to a Second Omnic Crisis.[5]

The country retains a constitutional monarchy, with the king's crown jewels being stolen by Junkrat and Roadhog.[6]

In light of Overwatch vigilante activities at a museum, Downing Street added its voice to the international condemnation of the unauthorized action.[7]

Omnic spiritual leader Tekhartha Mondatta did much to try to improve the conditions of omnics within King's Row.[8] At somepoint, he gave a speech to a joint human-omnic crowd. However, he was assassinated by Talon agent Widowmaker.[9]

During the winter holiday season after Overwatch's recall, Britain was hit with a massive winter snowstorm, creating a white Christmas.[10]

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  • The United Kingdom's flag was revealed to be the same as the real-world United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the loading screen for the Overwatch map King's Row.
  • Australia's flag and dialogue from Junkrat in-game would imply that it still retains the same constitutional monarch as the United Kingdom.[6]


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