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The United States is a geo-political entity that continues to exist in a post-Omnic Crisis world. Transcontinental train cars run across the country.[1] The American Southwest is a fairly lawless area, where various gangs spend their time robbing trains and carrying out bank heists.[2]


At some point before the present, it was legal to wager and sell omnics between humans.[3]

Before the Omnic Crisis, the US used its military to enact regime change in various countries. While the regimes were cruel and authoritarian, what followed was the arrival of megacorporations, which took control and continued the same abuses under the auspices of maximizing profits.[4]

The US during the Omnic Crisis

When the Omnic Crisis hit America, the country was willing to try anything to win the war.[5] Consequently, the United States ran the highly classified but widely acknowledged "soldier enhancement program." Controversial, the program utilized pharmaceutical[6] (among other means) to create "perfect soldiers" blessed with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.[7] Ultimately, politics, mismanagement, and egos left it to Overwatch to finally win the war.[5] However, the war had displaced millions, and many of them looked for a new place to settle, or at least find steady work. By this point, the wagering and selling of omnics had been outlawed, though the practice continued in criminal circles.[3]

After the theft of a pulse rifle from the abandoned Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, the US conducted efforts to apprehend the intruder.[8] Atlas News reporter Olympia Shaw believed that this intruder was also responsible for previous bombings of corporate offices and financial institutions within the United States.[7]

Currently, the US is one of the countries affected by the Second Omnic Crisis.[9]

Known Locations[]

The following locations are grouped on a by-state basis:




  • Ace Valentine megafarm
  • Bellerae
  • Cutthroat Trout's
  • Fort Starr
  • Houston
  • Lead Rose Manor
  • The Hopper


Known Nationals[]

The US as depicted on a tactical map



  • The United States' flag was revealed to be the same as the real-world United States of America in the loading screen for the Overwatch map Route 66.


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