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The United States is a geo-political entity that continues to exist in a post-Omnic Crisis world. Transcontinental train cars run across the country.[1] The American Southwest is a fairly lawless area, where various gangs spend their time robbing trains and carrying out bank heists.[2]


The US during the Omnic Crisis

At some point before the present, it was legal to wager and sell omnics between humans.[3]

When the Omnic Crisis hit America, the country was willing to try anything to win the war.[4] Consequently, the United States ran the highly classified but widely acknowledged "soldier enhancement program." Controversial, the program utilized pharmaceutical[5] (among other means) to create "perfect soldiers" blessed with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.[6] Ultimately, politics, mismanagement, and egos left it to Overwatch to finally win the war.[4] However, the war had displaced millions, and many of them looked for a new place to settle, or at least find steady work. By this point, the wagering and selling of omnics had been outlawed, though the practice continued in criminal circles.[3]

After the theft of a pulse rifle from the abandoned Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, the US conducted efforts to apprehend the intruder.[7] Atlas News reporter Olympia Shaw believed that this intruder was also responsible for previous bombings of corporate offices and financial institutions within the United States.[6]

Currently, the US is one of the countries affected by the Second Omnic Crisis.[8]

Known Locations[]

The following locations are grouped on a by-state basis:




  • Ace Valentine megafarm
  • Bellerae
  • Cutthroat Trout's
  • Fort Starr
  • Houston
  • Lead Rose Manor
  • The Hopper


Known Nationals[]

The US as depicted on a tactical map



  • The United States' flag was revealed to be the same as the real-world United States of America in the loading screen for the Overwatch map Route 66.


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