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Null Sector

Ramon Tikaram (possibly)

This omnic is the leader of the extremist group Null Sector and an unknown associate of Talon.


Six years ago in Cairo, Doomfist approached this omnic, praising the mystery character for their organization's noble goals to fight for their own people, but Akande claimed these goals were doomed to fail unless their organization chose to work together with Talon. While the omnic expressed interest in the offer,[1] the conclusion and aftermath were unknown, as Doomfist was arrested by an Overwatch Strike Team in Singapore roughly three weeks later.[2]


  • Based on the omnic's purple and grey colour scheme and red lights, as well as their organization's goal of fighting for their kind (omnics), it is speculated that this character is tied to Null Sector.
    • With the Havana map, there were a number of newspapers added to the game that read "Quien es Null Sector", giving further support to the theory.
    • Jeff Kaplan did confirm this was Null Sector's leader on a stream from Blizzard HQ.

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