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I fought to survive, and I’m willing to fight for the world, too.

Uprising is a digital comic short involving multiple characters in Overwatch.

Synopsis Edit

Seven years ago, King's Row was taken over by a group of omnic extremists called Null Sector. The prime minister of the United Kingdom has specifically denied Overwatch from sending in military backup. In addition, Blackwatch is currently suspended due to a complaint from the Japanese government. Despite this, McCree was sent in to assess the situation. He reports that Null Sector has heavy air defense and is keeping several prisoners, including Mayor Nandah and Mondatta, in a heavily guarded power plant.

Meanwhile at the Swiss Headquarters, Gabriel Reyes shows McCree's report to Jack Morrison and Ana Amari. After the three discuss how Null Sector caught them off guard, Gabriel leaves, and Director Petras tries to call Jack. He puts the Director on hold while he and Ana discuss whether or not Overwatch should get involved.

Jack goes to the Training Facility to witness Tracer and Genji practicing their combat skills. Mercy and Winston give Jack an update on Tracer's condition, saying that she's mostly stable. Mercy voices her opinion that Overwatch needs to get involved in King's Row. Jack repeats that he can't do much about it, and requests to see Tracer in his office. Jack begins to discuss Tracer's request to be promoted to active duty. Tracer notices the news bulletin on Jack's wall and asks why Overwatch hasn't gotten involved in King's Row. After a long conversation, Tracer leaves and Jack eventually decides to send in a team despite England's orders.

Jack assembles a small team composed of Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn. Together, they board a dropship and leave for King's Row.


  • There are several headlines visible on Jack Morrison's news bulletin wall:
    • Blackwatch under scrutiny after complaint from Japanese government
    • Overwatch official murdered - Director Petras orders full investigation into Cairo incident
    • King's Row Uprising: Day 27
    • Overwatch anti-progress and anti-sovereignty?
    • New civilian leader of Overwatch?
    • Does the world still need Overwatch?
      • The murdered Overwatch official possibly refers to Gérard Lacroix.
      • The complaint from the Japanese government is possibly due to Overwatch's efforts against the Shimada Clan.
  • The map on Jack's wall has Seattle, Dorado, Rio de Janeiro, King's Row, the Swiss Headquarters, Numbani, Cairo, and Hanamura marked.