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This is a timeline for the events within the world of Overwatch, working backwards from the game's present day.

When Overwatch Takes Place[]

Overwatch takes place roughly sixty years in the future, likely somewhere around the year 2075.[1][2] Team 4 wanted a setting that would be far enough in the future to allow futuristic technology, but near enough that it would still have recognizable landmarks and cities, allowing players to connect to the world.[2]

The Omnic Crisis was one of the greatest threats to humanity's survival since the Cold War of the 20th century.[3]


Before Overwatch[]

61 years ago:

60 years ago:

57 years ago:

More than 50 years ago:

Between ~57 to 48 years ago:

48 years ago:

45 years ago:

40 years ago:

39 years ago:

38 years ago:

37 years ago:

35 years ago:

The Omnic Crisis[]

Between ~34 and 30 years ago:

Between ~34 and 30 years ago:

  • Overwatch was founded, enlisting Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Ana Amari, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindholm, and Liao.[7][story 1]

33 years ago:

32 years ago:

30 years ago:

Between 30 to 25 years ago:

After the Omnic Crisis[]

29 years ago:

28 years ago:

26 years ago:

25 years ago:

23 years ago:

Between 23 and 19 years ago:

20 or more years ago:

20 years ago:

Between 20 and 8 years ago:

19 years ago:

14 years ago:

Between 10 to 7 years ago:

  • Allegations against Overwatch are made.[3][14]

9 years ago:

More than 8 years ago:

  • After their father's death, Genji is nearly killed by Hanzo. He is rescued by and joins Overwatch.[13]
  • McCree is caught doing illegal activities with the Deadlock Gang and joins Overwatch, rather than spend his life in a maximum security prison.[13]
  • Moira joins Overwatch.[13]

8 years ago:

Between 8 and 7 years ago:

  • Blackwatch is suspended.[14]

Between 8 and ??? years ago:

Less than 8 years ago:

7 years ago:

  • An unnamed Overwatch official is murdered.[14]
  • Null Sector holds a hundred citizens captive in King's Row.[18]
  • Uprising takes place. Tracer goes on her first mission as an Overwatch agent.[18]

Between 7 and 6 years ago:

  • Ana is shot by Widowmaker and presumed dead.[story 2][19]
  • Doomfist is caught by Genji, Tracer, and Winston.[20]why?
  • McCree leaves Overwatch.
  • Genji leaves Overwatch.

6 years ago:

  • Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes are caught in the explosion at the Switzerland Overwatch headquarters, presumed dead.[3]

Between 6 and 5 years ago:


Less than 6 years ago:

  • Lúcio leads an uprising that drives Vishkar Corporation out of the Rio de Janeiro favelas.[17] Vishkar has not developed anywhere since.[22]

3 years ago:

1 or less years ago:

Current Day[]

The following sections are not necessarily in chronological order. Lists within sections are chronological to the best of the editors' knowledge.

Day that Overwatch is recalled (more than 1 month ago):

  • Full moon.
  • Before daybreak: Reaper attempts to hack Athena, and Winston recalls Overwatch agents.[24]
  • 5:05pm to 5:15pm GMT: Mondatta is assassinated by Widowmaker.[25][26] why?
  • LumériCo completes first of new power plants in Dorado.[24]
  • Winston films Are You With Us? and broadcasts it on the Overwatch emergency frequency.
  • Winston's message triggers Mei's cryostasis to end.[6]

After Overwatch's Reformation:

  • Mei saves a nest of endangered arctic wildlife from a collapsing glacier.[17]
  • On a full moon, and the anniversary of Hanzo and Genji's near-fatal fight, Genji confronts Hanzo.[27]

More than 1 month ago:

1 month ago:

Soldier: 76's attacks:

LumériCo scandal:

  • LumériCo plans to begin service in Dorado on November 1 and host an event to commemorate the completion of their network across Mexico.[33]
  • Roughly October 19 (or earlier):[29] Sombra leaks documents about LumériCo's CEO, Guillermo Portero. A protest is organized for November 1.[22] why?
  • November 1: LumériCo's grand opening of its Dorado plant is met with unprecedented protests and widespread civil unrest.[29]
  • November 2: Guillermo Portero temporarily steps down as CEO of LumériCo.[29]


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    Morrison joined the army when he was eighteen years old, and before long was put in the soldier enhancement program. Shortly after that, the Omnic Crisis started. Morrison was one of the founding members of Overwatch over thirty years ago. Thus, Morrison must be at bare minimum 49 (18 + time between joining and Crisis starting + time between Crisis starting and formation of Overwatch + 31).
    • "At eighteen, Morrison packed his bags and joined the military. [...] Before long, he earned a coveted position in the government's controversial and still-classified (but widely acknowledged) "soldier enhancement program." [...] Morrison and his fellow augmented soldiers would soon put their abilities to use with the advent of the Omnic Crisis." Fading Glory: On the Trail of Jack Morrison
    • "Over thirty years ago, Overwatch was founded to counter the threat of the robot uprisings around the world." Reinhardt's story

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