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Active Edits[]

  • Spread- reference value: Soldier: 76's Pulse Rifle is 2.4

Hero Match-ups[]

Offense Heroes[]

VS. Icon-Genji.png:

VS. Icon-McCree.png:

VS. Icon-Pharah.png:

VS. Icon-Reaper.png:

VS. Icon-Soldier 76.png:

VS. Icon-Tracer.png:

Defense Heroes[]

VS. Icon-Bastion.png:

VS. Icon-Hanzo.png:

VS. Icon-Junkrat.png:

VS. Icon-Mei.png:

VS. Icon-Torbjörn.png:

VS. Icon-Widowmaker.png:

Tank Heroes[]

VS. Icon-D.Va.png:

VS. Icon-Reinhardt.png:

VS. Icon-Roadhog.png:

VS. Icon-Winston.png:

VS. Icon-Zarya.png:

Support Heroes[]

VS. Icon-Ana.png:

VS. Icon-Lúcio.png:

VS. Icon-Mercy.png:

VS. Icon-Symmetra.png:

VS. Icon-Zenyatta.png:


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