Overwatch Wiki

A template for creating elements containing all possible information about abilities that can be added to any page, by construction, especially to the Hero Pages. This template currently uses quite a bit of inline CSS.

Arguments and Guidelines[]

Fields are to be used when needed. Only fill in those that are relevant for the ability in question. Do not include units with each parameter, but be sure you're using the correct parameter for the type of unit you're using. Because of the multitude of abilities in the game, you may have to get a little creative using the existing fields and always remember to keep clarity and readability a top priority. New stat fields can be added to this template if needed, but it may in many cases be better to use existing fields.

Field Description
name The name of the ability or weapon. If a weapon as alternative firing modes, add (Primary Fire) or (Alternative Fire) to the weapon name.
type Weapon, Ability, Ultimate Ability, Passive Ability, etc.
image The ability image representing the ability or weapon. Ex: Ability-torbjorn1.png.
image size Size of the ability image, default 100x100px.
range Maximum range of the weapon or ability. Unit: meters.
damage The damage of the weapon or ability. Unit: damage per projectile (equivalent to damage per shot if there's one projectile per shot). Use alternate damage per second if the effect deals true damage-over-time (e.g. Winston's Tesla Cannon is damage-over-time, but Symmetra's Photon Projector is discrete instances of damage).
projectiles How many individual projectiles are fired per shot, if more than 1. Unit: projectiles per shot
headshot The multiplier, if any, on headshots.
blast damage The maximum damage of a non-direct hit of a splash weapon. Unit: damage per projectile (equivalent to damage per shot if there's one projectile per shot).
radius The radius of the area of effect on a given source (the ability user, a target, a deployed object, etc.). Also used for radius of blast damage. Unit: meters.
damage falloff range_near
damage falloff range_far
The furthest distance that the weapon still deals 100% damage per pellet, and the nearest distance that the weapon deals 30% damage per pellet (minimum scaling). Units: meters.
heal Hit points restored by the ability. Unit: hit points. Use alternate heal per second for hit points per second.
rounds per second How many rounds per second the weapon or ability fires. Not applicable if damage is given per second. Unit: shots per second. Use alternate seconds per round to provide data as seconds per shot.
passthrough Whether or not the weapon or ability passes through enemies and barriers. Set to yes or no.
ammo How much ammo can be spent before reloading.
ammo usage How much ammo is used, if not 1 ammo per shot. Unit: ammo per shot, or ammo per second if damage per second or heal per second are in use.
reload Time needed to reload. Unit: seconds.
duration For how long the ability is active or the weapon is equipped. Unit: seconds.
cooldown Time from ability going on cooldown to when it can be used again. Unit: seconds.
ignores deflect Whether or not the weapon or ability ignores Genji's Deflect. Set to yes or no.
ignores defense matrix Whether or not the weapon or ability ignores D.Va's Defense Matrix. Set to yes or no.
wiki description A basic description of how the ability works. This description should in general be more detailed than the official one, but not be overly long or complex. Petty details should be added under details.
official description The ability description that can be read in-game.
details More detailed ability information. You can use * and a new line to create a list of information for short facts. Ex: *This is some info on this ability. Some information may be suitable to write regularly in this field as a extension of what is in the wiki_description field.
video A concise video demonstrating the ability. The value should be something like: KBkfGVjdt3c.