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New Hampshire, United States

This time, I'll finish the page.
~ Reaper, on wiki editing

Greetings! My name is Minister Boots! Why Minister? Well, interesting you should ask that very question to yourself subconsciously. I shall now provide you with a long, technically detailed and overly verbose rendition of a prepared speech I'm making up as I go along right now.

To that extent, I can vehemently say with much mirth that I, Minister Boots, hath decided upon thine very name as a direct consequence to the general knowledge regarding the recent release of the highly anticipated map for the top-selling game Overwatch; that being, a map in this stylistic FPS called Oasis. One fine daybreak, or if my memory serves me correctly in the twilight hour, I happened upon a grandly interesting trailer that featured music that tantalized my eardrums in a manner most reminiscent of a classical film score that piqued my interest in Oasis. Being generally regarded as a lore-loving freak of nature, I, like many other of my brethren, took it upon myself to test the very limits of Minerva's knowledge through a device that is frequently alluded to as the de facto proprietary tome of wisdom amongst the intelligentsia frequently referred to by its moniker of "the Internet." Happening upon this amalgam of understanding, I peered deeper into the very bowels of the site upon which I had previously on several other occasions acquiesced to spend recreational time in a manner most pleasing to my higher brain functions, memorizing and inhaling the vast amounts of lore on the electronic game that I have aforementioned. Seeing that this fictitious city of the desert was called by its nickname of "Oasis," I came across a sentence that informed me that this entity was ruled by what I can only assume to be a stratocratic body of ruling "Ministers," concerned with deepening the breadth of understanding for homo sapiens sapiens. However, further analysis would lead me to believe that this junta is more, in fact, ruled amongst technocrats with deep pockets as most clearly evidenced by the western baroque and neo-victorian architecture infused with elements of the Ottoman and Arabic cultures present among the buildings within the map for the game upon which this paragraph is concerning. Thusly, it seemed only appropriate to adopt the name "Minister" as a prelude to my own username "Boots" upon which I call myself in Overwatch and other sites as well. The "Minister," as I have previously said, is not only inspired by the "ministers" of Oasis, but also serves as a way to boost my ego, upon which, I assure you, is already absurdly high.

Phew! Now back to normal talk!

With that said, I mostly deal with adding lore-based info to sites, as well as rewriting, general cleanup, and other maintenance tasks that often seem to droll to other individuals to properly invest the adequate time to finalize. Oh no! I can't stop sounding posh! The virus is spreading!

Addendum: I have no relation to the Belizean politician and member of the United Democratic Party Anthony "Boots" Martinez.

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