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The Vancouver Titans are an Overwatch League team representing the city of Vancouver, Canada. The team is owned by the Aquilini Group. The official team colors are blue, green a white


For this team's upcoming match schedule, visit this link.


OWLicon titans ID Name # Role
Fl southkorea Haksal Hyojong Kim 1 Damage
Fl southkorea Hooreg Dong-Eun Lee 9 Damage
Fl southkorea SeoMinSoo MinSoo Seo 18 Damage
Fl southkorea Stitch Chunghee Lee 22 Damage
Fl southkorea BUMPER Sangbeom Park 4 Tank
Fl southkorea JJANU HyunWoo Choi 14 Tank
Fl southkorea Twilight Juseok Lee 7 Support
Fl southkorea RAPEL Jun Keun Kim 11 Support
Fl southkorea SLIME Seong jun Kim 28 Support


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