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People like Vernand Sainclair don’t change. Not even when it’s the wellbeing of his own people on the line.
~ Roseline Mondésir
Vernand Sainclair

Haiti Haitian
Handler (formerly)

Owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals

Port-de-Paix, Haiti (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)

Talon (formerly)
Sainclair Pharmaceuticals

Vernand Sainclair was a member of Overwatch and an associate of Talon. He is the owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals.[1]


Vernand Sainclair is a bad man, like the rest of us. But the difference is, he’s gotten squirrelly recently and isn’t paying Talon what he owes. He’s raking in money hand over fist, stealing from your people and ours. So we’re going to pay him a visit and remind him who he owes his success to.
~ Mauga

A self-serving individual, Sainclair heralded from Port-de-Paix. Baptiste regarded him as being handsome. He dressed immaculately, as per his status.[1]

Early Life[]

I was never in the field. I was just a handler, like you. Overwatch always took me for granted. That organization was poisoned from the very start, and the longer I was there, the more I could see that it was slowly rotting from the inside out.
~ Vernand Sainclair

Sainclair acted as a handler for Overwatch. He claimed that the organization took him for granted and was "poisoned from the very start." The longer he stayed with them, the more apparent Overwatch's corruption became apparent. He fed insider information to Talon as an associate, his actions helping ensure that Talon remained a thorn in Overwatch's side for years. Talon paid him handsomely for the information he provided. After Overwatch shut down, he became the owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals, which held a monopoly in the industry over the people in Haiti. He sent a portion of the profits to Talon.[1]

What You Left Behind[]

As the prices and profits increased, Sainclair stopped sending his payments to Talon. As a result, Mauga and Trung Le Nguyen were sent to his manor to collect what he had owed, or to eliminate him. Nguyen, having recruited Baptiste to join them, contacted Sainclair ahead of time, letting him know they were coming, but Sainclair had his private security attack them. In the resulting firefight, not only did his forces fail to take out the Talon operatives, but they were able to fight their way to his office, cornering him. He swore that he was loyal to Talon, before unloading a revolver onto them. However, the bullets just ricocheted off Mauga's shield. Nguyen angrily asked why he shouldn't just kill him there and then, but Sainclair offered him information in exchange for his life. He showed them a data pad that had a recording of an Overwatch recall order sent out two days prior. Problem was, Talon was already aware of the recall order. As Nguyen pointed out, Sainclair wasn't the only former Overwatch agent on Talon's payroll.

Mauga bid that Baptiste shoot Sainclair. However, he instead detonated a flashbang and used his Exo Boots to catapault both himself and Sainclair through the office's skylight. Baptiste led Sainclair away from the mansion and to the docks. Baptiste lay out the deal—he'd send someone to collect Sainclair in a few hours, who'd then get him out of town. In exchange, he would supply every clinic in the country, free of charge. In a state of shock, Sainclair agreed. When he asked Baptiste why he didn't kill him at the mansion, Baptiste responded that he wasn't worth it.[1]


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