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Vernand Sainclair

Handler (former), Owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals
Overwatch (formerly), Talon (formerly), Sainclair Pharmaceuticals

Vernand Sainclair was a member of Overwatch and an associate of Talon.[1] He is the owner of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals.


Sainclair was a handler for Overwatch that witnessed and helped contribute to the organization's corruption from within. He had fed insider information to Talon as an associate. After the organization shut down, he became the owner of the pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharmaceuticals, which held a monopoly in the industry over the people in Haiti. He sent a portion of the profits to Talon.

As the prices and profits increased, Sainclair stopped sending his payments to Talon. As a result, Mauga and Trung Le Nguyen were sent to his manor in Haiti to collect what he had owed, or to eliminate him. The two Talon operatives, alongside Jean-Augustin Baptiste, raided his mansion and cornered him in his office. He was about to be executed before Baptiste had intervened, saving his life. He promised Sainclair safety and a plane out of town in exchange for free medical supplies to all the clinics in Haiti that needed them.[1]