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What you Vishkar will never understand is that people should be free.
What you call freedom, I call anarchy.
~ Lúcio and Symmetra
Vishkar Corporation
Spray Symmetra Vishkar

Vishwakarma Bhatt (founder, formerly)
Bengaluru, India[1]
Multinational corporation

The Vishkar Corporation is a multinational corporate entity,[2] classified as a megacorporation,[3] based in southern India.

Background[ | ]

Vishkar is building a better future for humanity.
You believe that? I don't even know what to tell you.
~ Lúcio and Symmetra
Vishkar Building

A Vishkar building

Vishkar maintains the Architech Academy where it trains individuals in the manipulation of light-bending.[4] It is one of the most powerful corporations in the world,[5] and is widely known for its use and application of hard-light.[6]

Vishkar, at least in theory, is known for its public service works—houses, clean water, clinics, etc. While there may be some truth to that, Vishkar's activities also include more 'corporate' activities—luxury retreats, exclusive clubs, and "condominiums with prices as high as the skyscrapers that contain them."[7] More than once, it has resorted to dubious tactics to achieve its goals.[2][8]

History[ | ]

Pre-Crisis[ | ]

Vishkar's origins lie with Vishwakarma Bhatt, who formed an ambitious start-up in Bengaluru to research hard-light. Research was slow, but promising, and the United Nations Global Recovery Program provided additional funding. This led to the startup turning into the corporation proper.[1]

Bhatt hoped to share it with the world before Vishkar implemented more restrictions to the technology.[6] Bhatt lost his life in an unfortunate car accident one year before Vishkar's first public offering. However, the company was strong to withstand the loss of its founder, and even thrive in his absence. However, Bhatt's idealistic corporate policy died with him.[1]

Vishkar's hard-light research was well received, but its expansion into poorer nations resulted in them going into debt to Vishkar. Many decried these apparent predatory actions.[1]

Post-Crisis[ | ]

After the Omnic Crisis, Vishkar began the laborious process of creating new, self-sustaining cities to house India's displaced population. One such city, Utopaea, was created using radical hard-light technology that enabled its architechs to shape the city's streets, utilities, and living spaces in the blink of an eye.[4]

Vishkar also secured a contract to redevelop large tracts of Rio de Janeiro. The citizens were told that the development would improve their lives. However, that promise never became a reality. Vishkar imposed controls on the residents in the name of building a more orderly society: enforcing curfews, cracking down on what the company perceived as lawless behavior, and exploiting the populace as a cheap labor force. Sonic technology was used to control the populace. However, that technology was stolen by one of the citizens who led a popular uprising, driving Vishkar out of the city.[2]

Per the events in Rio, Vishkar was subjected to investigation,[3] forcing the company into damage control. While this was going on, the company was involved in negotiations with LumériCo, with Sanjay Korpal engaging in confidential negotiations with CEO Guillermo Portero, relaying the details to the company's executives.[9] The discussions involved importing LumériCo's patented energy systems. When Sombra leaked LumériCo documents and emails to the press, these negotiations were revealed to the public. Atlas News reported on the incident, claiming that the link between the two companies should be a cause for concern.[3]

Currently, Vishkar desires to have a presence in Oasis.[10]

Vishkar dispatched its lawyers and "other, more dangerous forces" to hunt down Niran Pruksamanee, demanding that he hand over his biolight technology to them.[11]

Stone By Stone[ | ]

This could jeopardize the entire contract. It’s not just physical damage. Sanjay’s right—the entire event will be perceived as an insult. If we don’t fix this, and fix it perfectly, we can kiss any further development in this area goodbye.
~ Tamir Chada

Not long after Rio, Vishkar was carrying out development in the Indian city of Roshani. However, their ground breaking caused a tremor that destroyed a statue of Aurora in the neighboring village of Suravasa. Sanjay Korpal, Tamir Chada, Harita Patel, and Satya Vaswani convened to discuss the incident. The damage inflicted could jeopardize Vishkar's development contract. Vaswani was sent to Survasa to find out what could be done to compensate the villagers—anything they asked, as the cost of repair was a drop in the bucket compared to Vishkar's development rights.

After ingratiating herself into the local culture, Vaswani conducted a ceremony where she used hard-light to fix the statue. The villagers accepted the reparations.[7]

Known Members[ | ]

Viskar Members

Vishkar members

Trivia[ | ]

  • Vishkar was conceived as an extension of the background developed for Symmetra. Its role was further fleshed out as Lúcio was developed.[12]
  • According to Lifeweaver, the scientific community is opposed to Vishkar.[13]

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