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Watchpoint: Gibraltar is an Escort map in Overwatch[1] and Overwatch 2. One of the 12 maps included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.

Official Description[ | ]

At its height, Overwatch maintained a number of bases around the world, each with its own purpose: peacekeeping, scientific research, or in the case of Watchpoint: Gibraltar, providing an orbital launch facility. The base was mothballed along with the rest of Overwatch's installations, but there have been recent reports of activity within the perimeter. Could this indicate the presence of former Overwatch agents, or is this the work of organizations with more nefarious intentions?[2]

Background[ | ]

Watchpoint: Gibraltar stands on the strategic point of the Rock of Gibraltar, and was an Overwatch outpost that stood guard over the Mediterranean.[1] When Overwatch was shut down, the watchpoint was shut down with it. Vivian Chase was seemingly the last member of Overwatch present, before leaving the base on a hovercycle.[3]


Winston in his lab prior to the attack

Despite the end of Overwatch, Winston remained in the base (or made it his home). Years after Overwatch was disbanded, the watchpoint was attacked by Talon, whose operatives accompanied by Reaper entered the base to retrieve a list of all Overwatch operatives. They encountered resistance from Winston, but were able to incapacitate him long enough for Reaper to gain access to the Overwatch agents database. However, Winston was able to overpower the operatives and defeat Reaper before proceeding to interrupt the hack. As a result of the failed operation, Winston initiated the Overwatch recall, bringing all former agents back onto active duty.[4]

The base showed signs of activity. This was from Winston, who as part of his intent to reform Overwatch, intended to bring the group's communication network back online.[1] Constructing a satellite drone, he needed to get it to a rocket.[1] The drone was successfully launched, and he looked on with pride.[5]


The reformed Overwatch inside the watchpoint

After Overwatch was reformed, the team used the watchpoint as their new base of operations.[6] Winston installed a simulator in the base to help the new recruits master their skills, in preparation for their battles against Null Sector.[7]

Gameplay[ | ]

The map's gameplay is based on getting the drone to the rocket. The attacking side spawns in Winston's laboratory.[1]

Strategy[ | ]

Attack[ | ]

The payload moves from outside near the laboratory, to inside the rocket hanger, back to outside concluding at the base of the rocket launch site. Many defenders on Gibraltar will situate heroes on the bridge outside, across the spawn on the building, and slightly further back on the cargo area with the stairs. This makes the spawn battle ideal for turrets and snipers--lots of above ground vantage points and ducts to hide in and behind. Additionally, defenders will sometimes station a hero next to the top doorway from the spawn point. It is difficult for attackers to see them at first, making the defender's surprise attack deadly to top attackers. From the attack perspective, there are three exits. The first is the main exit on the ground level. The second is directly above that looking down at the payload. The third is to the left. With the third, attackers will exit the adjacent building. For reference, there is a health pack here and the attacker can see the back of the payload.

Two Target Strategy[ | ]

Team Composition: Reinhardt, D.Va, Mei, Genji, Pharah, Mercy

First Checkpoint[ | ]

Start with the Reinhardt at the bottom exit with the shield up and Mercy supporting him and Genji on hold. D.Va should be on top defense matrix activated with Pharah on hold. Have Mei go to the left exit. This strategy builds on the idea that there will be either turrets or snipers ready to attack once the game begins. The two tanks (Reinhardt and D.Va) will absorb the initial onslaught. This will let you get a sense of where the attacks are coming from. If the enemy team has stationed a turret (Bastion or Torbjorn), across from the spawn then the tank will draw attention. If the turret is Torbjorn's, then Reinhardt will be targeted automatically. In this case, use Genji to deflect. At this point, use Pharah on top to fire shots towards the turret. Once the turret is destroyed, look for snipers and other heroes around (who will likely be firing at you). If there is a Bastion firing at D.Va on top, use Genji to start firing shuriken if fire returns to Genji, deflect and have Pharah start firing at Bastion. Drawing fire to the two tanks is imperative to the strategy working. Mei, who should be in the left exit, should move to the door to the left of the payload, hopefully unnoticed by the defenders, as they are focused on the tanks. Mei should put up an ice wall at this spot. If defenders have retreated into the building, they cannot fire back. If they are outside, they cannot get to the inside health pack. This is a good spot to be in. All defenders on the outside should receive freezing from Mei. Use the Reinhardt to start to push to the payload with his shield activated. Snipers should be aiming for the other heroes, so start to clean up the snipers or heroes who have been pushed back with your attack heroes. Start to push the payload with Reinhardt on top intercepting damage with the shield. Placing Pharah above the payload on the bridge structure facing into the entrance to the hanger and Genji on the ground level with D.Va and Mei attacking the defenders is effective to making sure the payload moves. This should cleanly move you to the first objective (no guarantee that you won't have a few eliminations, but as long as your Mercy is healing then you should have a resurrection ready by this point).

Second Checkpoint[ | ]

The next push gets trickier. There are a lot of places to hide in the hanger where enemies will use to flank you. Try and use the tanks to absorb as much damage as possible with Mercy supporting them. Be careful not to chase defenders into crevices, ducts, and hiding spots too much. Use your Pharah here to flush people out by flying above obstacles and firing down. When people are exposed, fire at them with Genji and D.Va. Keep in mind also that Mercy can only be in so many places, so try to locate the health packs around the hanger. This is likely the point that gets trickiest on the map because of the hidden spots for defenders. As long as you keep on the payload and pick off enemies, you should be in a good position to advance to the final checkpoint.

Third Checkpoint[ | ]

The final push is always the most difficult. Most team battles occur at this point and people tend to unleash their ultimates very liberally. The first challenge is moving out of the doorway. After getting the payload through, back outside, the hanger doors will shut. This means that there are only a few exits from the building you will be able to leave from making it very easy for defender to pick you off. With the same team composition, use Genji to exit from the door closest to the spawn point (the right door) and start deflecting attacks. Have Pharah boost above to ensure people cannot get situated and comfortable in one spot. Use D.Va to boost into enemy territory to disrupt and Mei to freeze enemies as much as possible. Use the ultimates in a coordinated fashion. Reinhardt's Earthshatter stuns enemies in the path. You can use Pharah to Barrage or Genji to use the Dragonblade. The same goes for Mei's ultimate (much more powerful and stunning for enemies). Ultimate abilities like Mei's (or Zarya's) that hold the enemies in place make attack ultimates very deadly. save Mercy's ultimate for the last push if need be. If used too early, the team runs the risk of not being able to hold the point and losing. Use her ability only when necessary to ensure a strong final push to win the game.

Defense[ | ]

You must escort the item to a drop off point, while under fire, and thus Torbjorn will be handy here. Also Orisa, with her shield. Eliminate Sombras on sight, especially if they have their ultimate ready. A single EMP will severely cripple the defense if they enemy takes advantage.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The largest indoor area, Hanger 18, stores an OSS-7 Aurora craft.
  • The Tracer vs. Widowmaker and Watchpoint: Gibraltar LEGO Overwatch sets both take place here. The former contains the Satellite Drone XR-9, while the latter contains the shuttle from the end of the map. They were revealed by Target in 2018.[8]

Development[ | ]

  • In a beta patch released on March 8, 2016, the map was altered to have a hole broken out of the glass in Winston's office.[9] This matches the events seen in Recall.
  • The map received notable adjustments in Season 5 of Overwatch 2: The final defender spawn area was completely redesigned, moving the spawn room behind the end location. The forward defender spawn was added an exit route and various route changes were made around the first checkpoint outside the hangar with further adjustments and cover added inside the hangar.
  • A photo of Tracer and Emily was added to the map's barracks area in May/June, 2023.[10]

Screenshots[ | ]

360° Panorama[ | ]

References[ | ]

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