亞歷珊卓‧札莉雅諾娃是世界最強的女子運動選手之一;在戰爭期間,她為了保護她的家人、朋友和國家,毅然決定犧牲個人榮耀。 亞歷珊卓出生在西伯利亞偏遠地區的小村莊,在三十多年前,那裡正位於智械危機的戰場前線。雖然俄羅斯軍隊擊敗了機械人,成功關閉控制機械人的中樞,但是這個區域飽受戰火摧殘,面目全非。亞歷珊卓當時還只是個孩子,放眼望去盡是戰後留下的瘡痍。日漸成長的她,在心中發誓要獲得力量,幫助她的同胞平復當時帶來的創傷。 亞歷珊卓當時把全副心力都放在舉重訓練和健身上面,被公認是國家運動項目的明日新星。她訓練繁重,地位也不斷上升,並且成為國家代表,眾人期待她能超越巔峰,在即將到來的世界盃中,打破難以超越的紀錄。 但是就在賽事前夕,長期處於休眠狀態的西伯利亞機器人工廠突然發動攻擊,她的村莊再次受到戰火侵襲。亞歷珊卓原本能過著名利雙收的生活,但是她拋下這一切,立刻退出比賽,趕回家鄉加入當地的防衛部隊。 如今,對某些人來說,她是精實堅定的戰士。不過對她來說,這是一個機會,是一個能運用自身強大力量來保護所愛之人的機會。


粒子砲 粒子屏障 投射屏障 引力彈



鬥陣特攻 札莉雅 造型 表情 勝利姿勢 語音 噴漆 特寫鏡頭 展示

鬥陣特攻 札莉雅 造型 表情 勝利姿勢 語音 噴漆 特寫鏡頭 展示


130x130px 130x130px 130x130px 130x130px 130x130px 130x130px
BrickTemplate:75credits TaigaTemplate:75credits VioletTemplate:75credits GoldenrodTemplate:75credits DawnTemplate:250credits MidnightTemplate:250credits
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ArcticTemplate:1000credits Siberian FrontTemplate:1000credits CybergothTemplate:1000credits IndustrialTemplate:1000credits


Emotes cost 250 credits.

  • Bring It On
  • Crush You
  • Pumping Iron

Victory Poses

175x175px 175x175px 175x175px
CasualTemplate:75credits Check Out This GunTemplate:75credits FlexingTemplate:75credits

Voice Lines

Voice Lines cost 25 credits.

  • Strong As The Mountain (default)
  • Get Down, Give Me 20
  • I Am Mother Russia
  • I Can Bench More Than You
  • I Will Break You
  • In Russia, Game Play You
  • Need Personal Training? (Are you in need of personal training?)
  • No Mercy
  • Siberian Bear (I want to hug you like big, fuzzy Siberian bear.)
  • Together We Are Strong (Вместе мы сила Vmeste my sila - Russian)
  • Welcome To The Gun Show

Highlight Intros

Highlight Intros cost 250 credits.

  • Deadlift
  • Maximum Charge
  • This Is Strength


Template:Achievement Template:Achievement


File:Zarya teaser.png

Aleksandra Zaryanova was born in Krasnoyarsk Krai near the inactive Siberian Omnium. As a child, she swore to help her town recover from the Omnic Crisis, and turned to weightlifting and bodybuilding. The national athletics program recognized her as she moved up the ranks while representing her country. She entered in the world championships, and was expected to shatter records.

Before the championship, the Second Omnic Crisis began. Zarya withdrew from the competition and enlisted in the Russian Defense Forces to defend her hometown. This decision gained her respect and recognition from media across the world, including богатыри Magazine and Atlas News.


  • Zarya is a heavily shielded tank that uses barriers to protect herself and her allies.
  • Her Particle Cannon's linear beam (primary attack) has a short range, while the energy grenade launcher (secondary attack) can reach long ranges but drains ammo much faster.
  • She has lower health than other tanks due to her barriers and her smaller size.
  • Her passive means that when she blocks damage with a bubble, whether on herself or an ally, the power of her particle cannon will go up (indicated by the circle around the crosshair and the number below this), increasing the damage of both attacks.


  • Zarya was announced on March 6, 2015, alongside McCree. Before that, she was teased in a tweet from @PlayOverwatch.[1]
  • Zarya's last name (Russian: Зарянова) formed after word 'Заря', which means 'the glowing sky during civil twilight' in Russian and also goes for her code name.
  • Zarya's '512' tattoo refers to her weightlifting record of 512 kg (1128.7 lbs).
  • Zarya's 'Ангел смерти' tattoo, featuring in legendary 'Cybergoth' and 'Industrial' skins, means 'Angel of Death' in Russian.